Company Benefits

The high calibre of TMI students and the intensive knowledge and training imparted to them during the three years preceding their internship period results in tremendous benefits to participating companies.

A Well Equipped Trainee

The superior preparation that TMI provides its students with both theoretical and practical knowledge and training places its interns at a distinct advantage on a ship. TMI students have already made a mark for themselves and this has led to a high level of acceptance of the TMI education within industry.

A Potential Permanent Seafaring Officer

The Internship Programme is an opportunity for a company to evaluate a potential permanent seafaring officer. Further, during the time with the company, an intern learns a company's philosophy, culture and processes and this saves the company substantial time and cost in training a new employee later on. Even if the company is unable to permanently recruit the intern, he / she becomes an ambassador for the company in the future.

Latest Knowledge at Work

The interns also bring with them the latest knowledge in their fields. Some of the interns in shore based industrial units for example, are presently employed in teams carrying out live projects and have added immense value to the company.


Application forms now open for following courses commencing August/September 2022:
  • 4 year B.Tech. Marine Engineering
  • 3 year B.Sc. Nautical Science
  • 1 year Diploma in Nautical Science
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Application forms open for Electro Technical Officers Course commencing March 2022
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  • Last date for Application for ETO course – 6th Feb. 2022
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