Extra First Class Engineer Course

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This course will be a distance learning program and is Term based wherein the courses are available for a specific period and end on specific date.

For this course there will be two semesters and Semester-I (January-June) will cover Part A and semester-II (July – December) Part B. Each Part has 6 subjects and any FIVE have to be successfully completed for completing the Part. A candidate has to select five subjects in a semester. Admission to Part-B will be accepted only after one finishes all five subjects of Part-A. The subjects are as follows:

Semester-I (January-June) – Part A

Sub Code Subject
A1 Law of the Sea & Maritime Law
A2 Risk Management & Marine Insurance
A3 Shipping, Economics & Finance
A4 Marine materials & Corrosion of Marine Structures
A5 Advanced Electrical ,Electronic and Control Engineering Knowledge
A6 Environment Protection & Energy Management in the Maritime Industry

Semester-II (July – December) Part B

Sub Code Subject
B1 Maritime Regulations
B2 Management Techniques & Applications
B3 Naval Architecture
B4 Vibration Engineering
B5 Advanced Marine Engineering Knowledge
B6 Human Element

Normally Part A of the course starts in January and Part B starts in July each year

The level of the course is aimed at analyzing the topics and not limited to knowledge and understanding level, as such this course is over and above the CoC (MEO Class-1). The candidate will be encouraged to spend more time on self-learning by researching on referenced materials, a guide to which will be indicated in the course handouts/lesson plans.

Study material for the topics will be sent by the institute for familiarization with the topic. The study material will be detailed enough covering the broader aspects of the topic and in no way, will supplement the complete course content.

Dissemination of knowledge to candidates will be ascertained by prescribing assignments on topics and giving feedback to candidates. It is expected that the candidate will submit a minimum of three assignments spread out uniformly across the semester. The assignments would be in text format with at least 2,500 words including table sketches and graphs and topics will be open ended. For numerical assignments a deeper and complex mathematical study is expected where assumptions and standards will be well referenced and conclusions by candidate will be given importance. For theoretical assignments candidates’ effort to collate literature, analysis and interpreted conclusions will be given weight age. The format of assignments will be as per IEEE standards. This will enable candidates to form a general and specific opinion of the concerned topic.

Each semester will be of 24 weeks, including one week of examination. It is advisable for a candidate to spend around 60 hours of self-study and about 15 hrs for three assignments. Contact classes may also be arranged.


Each subject will have three written or web based assignments. Maximum marks for each assignment will be forty and passing marks will be fifty percent.

The final examination will be conducted by the D. G. Shipping, Mumbai and will be written papers of three hours duration.

  1. 1. Generally six questions, of ten marks each, have to be solved.
  2. 2. Each question can have a maximum of three sub parts. Questions will include theoretical, numerical and diagrammatic themes.
  3. 3. Passing marks for each subject will be fifty percent.


There are a total of 24 seats available for this course.


Course fee is Rs 21,500/- (Twenty one thousand five hundred only) per subject. Plus a one-time registration fee is Rs. 1,000/- which is valid for five years.

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Application Form

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Additional Information

For booking and any other information contact:

Course Co-ordinator
Mr. Anirudh Kumar
Associate Professor (Marine)
Tolani Maritime Institute, Induri

Tel: 02114-669668 or 9960166723
Email: anirudhk@tmi.tolani.edu or info@tmi.tolani.edu


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