Fees & Expenses - B. Tech. Marine Engineering

Fees & Estimated Expenses for the first year of batch commencing October 2021 were as follows:

Firstname Lastname Email
Fees (Sem I & II)
Admission & Orientation Fee 21,000 NIL 21,000
Tuition Fee 89,000 89,000 178,000
Welding NIL 9,500 9,500
Campus & Establishment Fee 114,000 114,000 228,000
Total 224,000 212,500 436,500
Less: Covid Relief 12,500 NIL 12,500
Total fees 211,500 212,500 424,000
DGS Cess @ 1% of total fees 2,115 2,125 4,240
Student Services Expenses
Books 5,000 NIL 5,000
Laundry 1,950 1,950 3,900
Messing 24,000 24,000 48,000
Medical Insurance Premium 6,000 NIL 6,000
Stationery 6,000 NIL 6,000
Uniform 20,000 NIL 20,000
Total of Student Services Expenses 62,950 25,950 88,900
DGS Cess @ 1% of Student Services 630 260 890
IMU fee 35,000 NIL 35,000
Caution Deposit (Interest free and Refundable) 20,000 NIL 20,000
Total Payable 332,195 240,835 573,030

For Student enrolling in the first year of Academic Year 2022-23, the estimated fees and Student Services for the four year programme will be approx. Rs. 19,91,548/-.

Special Note Applicable to Students enrolling for Academic Year 2021-2022:

In view of the ongoing COVID pandemic, a " COVID relief " is being granted to all students. This has been reflected in the Fee Structure.


  • a. Female students are entitled to a waiver of 50% in Tuition fee for each semester.
  • b. Fees and Student Services Expenses are indicative and are subject to change.
  • c. Student Services Expenses are charged on actuals.
  • d. IMU Fee is payable to Indian Maritime University.
  • e. Caution Deposit is payable on admission. The interest free caution deposit is refundable.
  • f. Statutory taxes / levies, if any imposed, will be charged on actuals.
  • g. Monies due for each semester is payable at the beginning of semester before due dates.
  • h. Late fee @ 18% p.a. is applicable for monies received after due date.
  • i. Value added courses undertaken by the students will attract additional fees.
  • j. Separate charges would be levied at actual costs incurred by the Institute in respect of excursions, visits, medical expenses (to the extent not covered under insurance).
  • k. Fees, Estimated Expenses and Caution Deposit are payable in either of the modes mentioned below -
    • - Online through our website www.tmi.tolani.edu
    • - Demand Draft in favour of 'Tolani Maritime Institute' at any of the HDFC Bank branches

Medical Insurance

TMI has facilitated an insurance policy with Future Generali at a one time cost of Rs. 6,000 per student for four years of study on campus. This policy covers the following*:

1. Accidental death of student - Rs.5,00,000/-

2. Hospitalisation expenses for student - Rs.1,00,000/- per year

3. Accidental death of the bread winning parent to cover the fees of the student for the remaining period of the course.

* - Conditions apply

Other Charges

Charges for medical expenses, educational excursion trips etc. will be charged as per actuals. Personal discretionary expenditure is the responsibility of each student. An advance for all estimated expenses during the semester shall be payable before the commencement of each semester.

Girl Students

TMI is committed to encouraging girl's participation in the maritime industry and therefore is very supportive of inducting girls into its programmes. To this end, girl students receive a reduction of 50% of Tuition fees per semester.

Payment of Fees

All fees are required to be paid at the beginning of each semester. Management may take necessary action if fee payment is delayed.

Financial Assistance

TMI degree programmes are approved by AXIS Bank, HDFC Bank, Corporation Bank, State Bank of India and Credila (an HDFC Ltd. Company). However, candidates can approach any bank for financial assistance.


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