The following parties play a critical role in the successful functioning of the Distance Learning Programme, and hence can be considered stakeholders in the success of the Programme:

  • Student-cadets
  • Shipping Companies
  • Company Training Officer (CTO)
  • Shipboard Training Officer (STO)
  • Faculty for each of the courses
  • Directorate General of Shipping
  • Chief Examiner of Masters and Mates

Role of Stakeholders

  • Follow the structured courseware
  • Interact with your mentor and follow the well-defined study plan
  • Adhere to the procedures and deadlines suggested
  • Acquire the necessary training, skills and competence prescribed
  • Take all evaluation components on time and fulfil all academic requirements

Shipping Companies
  • Identify a Company Training Officer (CTO)
  • Sponsor student-cadets for the training programme
  • Ensure that educational resources necessary for the programme are provided to the CTO and onboard ships

Company Training Officer (CTO)
  • Identify a mentor on board for sponsored student-cadets
  • Ensure that the mentors have the required educational resources and appropriate training
  • Deliver educational / training programme material to student-cadets
  • Act as a liaison between the STO, student-cadet and the co-ordinator

Shipboard Training Officer (STO)
  • Act as a mentor to student-cadets in the distance learning programmes
  • Ensure that student-cadets are aware of the training programme and the plan for the current semester
  • Provide educational resources on board the ship whenever necessary
  • Assist student-cadets in their structured self-learning process
  • Ensure orderly implementation of the evaluation and assessment process

Faculty for each of the courses
  • Provide structured courseware and additional educational resources whenever necessary
  • Implement the instructional delivery process
  • Develop evaluation components for the course during the semester for implementation
  • Evaluate components administered during the semester
  • Provide feedback to student-cadets
  • Grade the performance of student-cadets in the course at the end of each semester

DG Shipping / Chief Examiner
  • Approve programmes
  • Evaluate the course material
  • Review and feedback monitoring and periodic verification

Principal, Tolani Maritime Institute
  • Act as a link between the various faculty for each of the courses, other resource persons, shipping companies, CTO, STO and DG Shipping / Chief Examiner
  • Function as the enabler in the educational administration of the Distance Learning Programme
  • Identify faculty and other resources with required domain knowledge & expertise for the development of the courseware
  • Co-ordinate courseware development, evaluation, monitoring and feedback processes with stakeholders


Application forms now open for following courses commencing August/September 2022:
  • 4 year B.Tech. Marine Engineering
  • 3 year B.Sc. Nautical Science
  • 1 year Diploma in Nautical Science
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  • Last date for Application for ETO course – 6th Feb. 2022
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